20 October 2014

Squad Battles and Wine

Well after my HP notebook meltdown, I was pretty sure that that was the last straw for me and Windows as well, at least for awhile.

Which brings me to the topic of Mac OS X and playing windows games on it.

One of the things I've learned recently is how to use Wine to create a game wrapper around a windows based program. This allows it to be portable and recognizable by Mac OS and iOS as a native app. I've already tried this with one game of roughly the same era and tech level as the Squad Battles games and it worked very well. So I'm excited to start wrapping Squad Battles in Wine and loading them onto my Mac. Hopefully they will handle the transition gracefully :)

Has anyone out there had any luck with Wine, Squad Battles and Macs (or linux for that matter)? If so I'd love to hear from ya' and if not, feel free to hit me up anyway :)

The Wine wiki: