20 October 2014

My Squad Battle Mods

Well it's been quite a while and I have to apologize because when I last left this blog I was working on a mod for Squad Battles Winter War while also migrating all my existing mods to a new download server when my barely year old HP notebook took a nose dive...

1. Recover any bits that happened to go missing from my mod packs.

2. Pickup/Recover development on the Winter War mod (I was about 90% done when my comp crashed)

3. Migrate those all to the new download server and update my blog links.

This is a lot of work honestly but I hope to restart and complete it gradually over this winter into spring 2015. It doesn't feel right to not have these mods available. I'm not sure what the state of Squad Battles is these days or how the community is doing but I hope they're doing well. I'm sure by now other modders have come along and contributed to the Squad Battle body of work out there but I still hope to make these available for any to enjoy in whole or in part.

(Image originally found on: anquises-hobby.blogspot.com)