23 March 2013

So what are my Squad Battle mods all about anyhow?

My sqb mods are basically 2D art mods: a combination of stock graphics, stock graphics I've modified, and original graphics I've created for the mod.

If you play sqb games that take place in jungle or arid environments, then you will probably find my mods to be of particular interest. The structures were crafted to reflect their locale. In general, for the pacific/asian theater we see more hut like structures, while in arid west asian/african locales the structures are more apropros to that climate and culture.

Virtually every piece of terrain has been modified - only a few bits are stock with v2.

You will note as well that in titles like Vietnam or Tour of Duty that the terrain coloration is reversed from stock - growing lighter in hue as elevation increases.

I don't add in mult-man counters - I actually like the single guy stock look of the graphics. Plus in order to do so would involve modding another modder's work which I avoid doing.

Another key aspect of the mod is the updated symbols file - those are the on screen indicators you see for things like... bunkers, explosions, caves, movement, etc.

My mods should play well with the other kids in the neighborhood too - mixing and matching components to suit your individual taste is totally understandable!